Man caught with $6000 convicted for dealing with proceeds of crime

A man from Forbes who was found by police with more than $6000 cash in his possession has been sentenced by way of a community corrections order with a condition to complete 84 hours community service.

Joshua Clarke, 26, was convicted at Young Local Court on Wednesday, January 15 for dealing with proceeds of crime and having custody of a knife.

According to facts tendered to the court, Clarke was the passenger of a vehicle which was stopped by police on the Lachlan Valley Way near Boorowa about 6.30pm on March 8 last year.

Police inquiries were made on the driver, passengers and vehicle revealing recent intelligence for drug supply.

Clarke was searched by police who found a small knife in his wallet.

Police then searched a bag which contained $6390 of which $6050 was made up of $50 notes.

Clarke said it belonged to him and it had been given to him by a family member to purchase a car, however when police inspected his phone they discovered "communication activity" involving the supply of illicit drugs.

Further inquiries were made by police including a phone call to the family member, who denied providing the cash to Clarke. The money was then seized for analysis and he was later charged with proceeds of crime.

Clarke pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Magistrate Michael O'Brien.

"You're before the court for serious offences. The facts make for disturbing reading. It may not be apparent to you, crime does not pay. The sooner you learn that the better," Mr O'Brien said.

He'll spend the next 12 months subject to a community corrections order.