Hilltops Council finds a new tenant for Kruger Medical Centre

A new tenant has been found for the Kruger Health and Wellness Complex in Harden.

The tender of provision of medical practitioner services was awarded to Australian General Practitioners at a Hilltops Council Extraordinary meeting on Monday night.

Hilltops mayor Brian Ingram praised council staff and Morrison Low Consultants.

"This is a very pleasing result with minimal disruption to services," Cr Ingram said.

"I would like to commend Hilltops Council staff and Morrison Low for handling this matter appropriately and expeditiously," he said.

The new tenants operate a practice out of Boorowa.

Cr Matt Stadtmiller didn't attend this week's meeting because he said he hadn't received sufficient information to make a decision.

"I have been denied information that would enable me to make a decision on the matter and have been directed to source the information through the Government Information Public Access Act. This is disgraceful," Cr Stadtmiller said.

"I believe that insufficient information was provided to me and as such I was unwilling to take part in the extraordinary meeting on Monday.

"Councillors must properly examine and consider all the information provided to them relating to matters that they are dealing with. I don't believe I received enough information to do so."

Council will now execute a licence for part of Kruger Health and Wellness Complex for an initial term of one year with optional extensions to a maximum period of 10 years with Australian General Practitioners Pty Ltd.

This will be subject to the agreement of a service plan within six months of the commencement date and satisfactory performance of the performance plan and other requirements of the licence.