Excitement surrounding 2020 season put on hold for Yabbies

Young's captain Ned Mullany fires a pass during pre-season. Photo file
Young's captain Ned Mullany fires a pass during pre-season. Photo file

Young Yabbies rugby club president Ces Finley says he can't see the Central West Rugby season beginning during May.

Rugby Australia cancelled all competitions and training last Monday until the first week of May, amid concerns of the spread of coronavirus.

It has put on hold plenty of excitement surrounding the Yabbies' 2020 season.

Numbers at women's training was increasing, the men's side were building towards an improved performance, and a new amenities block was recently opened.

Mr Finley understands why the health safety measures have been implemented, but can't help but feel disappointed.

"It's obviously not the perfect situation but we understand the logic in terms of keeping the community safe. I know Central West Rugby are working on a contingency plan but we haven't heard anything to date. We're obviously disappointed, we had good numbers and the enthusiasm was great," he said.

"Probably the biggest disappointment for me is the women's. We worked really hard establish a women's side and each week numbers were looking better. To have pushed through that and now be in this situation is a major disappointment, but we understand this needs to happen.

"I think they'll all be back, I know they're all still keen. I think if we can get some sort of a season, even if it's half a season, we'll still get the women's side."

With the virus spreading across the nation, Mr Finley says he expects the season to suffer a further setback and not begin in May.

"We're suspended from playing until at least May with a further decision to be made then, but based on what's happening on a daily basis I can't see the season beginning in May."

The Yabbies would have competed at the Boorowa XVs gala day which was set to take place on Saturday.