Local government elections postponed until September 2021

Hilltops Council's current councillors.
Hilltops Council's current councillors.

The September local government elections have now been postponed by the state government due to the continually escalating COVID-19 pandemic.

They will now be held in September 2021 to provide "certainty to Australian communities during these extraordinary times".

Hilltops mayor Brian Ingram said it was the right move.

"I am pleased with the decision made, it was necessary for the protection and safety of the community during the current health crisis we are facing. This also gives our current council more time to work with Hilltops new general manager Anthony O'Reilly to see through the priorities we set out to achieve for the community during our term," mayor Ingram shared.

LGNSW president Linda Scott was grateful the state government had acted swiftly in its decision-making process.

"In light of the minister's decision to delay local elections because of the COVID-19 crisis, I know all elected councillors will continue to work across political boundaries to pull together for the public good," Cr Scott said.

"Mayors and councillors are working hard to ensure good governance continues during the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to do so.

"When asked to serve for an additional year, I'm confident mayors and councillors will understand the need to provide stability and continuity of governance."

Cr Ingram will remain mayor until the new election date after he was re-elected in September 2019.

Mayoral elections will need to be held for mayors elected by councillors in September 2018.

The postponement will not change the future schedule of council elections, and the subsequent elections will still proceed in September 2024.

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