Drugs seized after vehicle stop in Young

Police have seized cannabis and charged a 22-year-old woman for drug possession.

About midnight on Friday, July 10, police while conducting patrols of Young stopped a silver Nissan Navara due to the manner of the driver's behaviour.

Police searched the vehicle and allegedly located 1.45g of cannabis.

A female was issued a field court attendance notice for drug possession.

Defect notice for noise from exhaust

A 33-year-old man from Young has been issued a defect notice due to the excessive noise volume coming from the exhaust of his motorbike.

Police witnessed the man riding a Harley Davidson on Boorowa Street, Young about 3pm on Friday, July 10.

Police say he was riding the bike in a manner which caused the bike to produce an "extremely loud exhaust noise".

Police described the volume from the exhaust as "ear-splitting" when the bike was ridden in the way it was.

Police later attended the man's home and issued a defect notice.

Vehicle fire in town

A vehicle driving near the intersection of Nasmyth Street and Main Street suffered an oil leak resulting in a significant amount of smoke bellowing into the sky above Young on Monday morning.

Police and NSW Fire and Rescue responded to the call about 10am.

Firies dealt with the vehicle while police directed traffic.

Council workers cleaned the oil spill from the road and the vehicle was towed from the site.

Low-range drink driving

A 46-year-old man has been issued an infringement and is suspended from driving after failing a breath test in Young on Sunday, July 12.

About 1am, police stopped the vehicle on Berthong Street for the purpose of a random roadside test.

It was positive so the driver was taken back to Young Police Station. He produced a low-range reading of .072.