Young residents have their say on face masks

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Sunday's advice from NSW Health to wear a face covering in situations when physical distancing can't be guaranteed has been received with a mixed response from Young residents.

Readers of the Young Witness were asked on Monday whether they would be heeding the recommendations.

One resident said it was a "no-brainer", while others said if you're following the rules they shouldn't be needed.

"This is why surgeons and nurses mask and gown up to prevent spread of infection. It's a no brainer," Gail Harris said.

"I wear a mask in a home care setting as that's what I do and it is impossible to social distance and I think that's a definite requirement, however I'm not sure it's needed elsewhere, if you are following the guidelines then it shouldn't be needed," Nikki Elizabeth said.

James Wall said it will help protect people from others who are not following COVID-19 health advice.

"No problem at all with this. Option one, wear a face mask when needed and have some protection from the stupid. Option two, don't wear one, possibly get COVID-19, get sick, then get really sick and then possibly die," he said.

Tanya Campbell said masks can be difficult for people to wear.

"I'm more likely to end up sick wearing than not. I have worn them at work but I spent more time pulling it away from my face than it been in place because I'm claustrophobic. I can't even handle an oxygen mask. So it's keeping those hands clean and keeping my distance and very rarely go grocery shopping. Our little town isn't that busy where everyone should be on top of each other and if things are cramped somewhere remove yourself from the situation," Tanya Campbell said.

Julie Young said she followed the advice while shopping on Monday.

"I wore a mask to Woolworths today but didn't see any other customers wearing masks," she said.

"Wear them. For your own safety," Jennifer McAinsh said.

"No," Lisa Maree responded.

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