Park to close for hazardous tree removal

Tresillian Park. Photo: Facebook/Hilltops Council
Tresillian Park. Photo: Facebook/Hilltops Council

Following a thorough assessment, Council has arranged for the removal of the large eucalyptus tree in Tresillian Park, Marina Street, Young.

The tree was assessed for several reasons including being location to critical council infrastructure as well as public risk to patrons at the playground and neighbouring Aquatic Centre.

The trees size, location and defects (primarily being internal wood rot fungus) gave the tree high Hazard Rating and Intervention Level and was therefore authorised by the general manager for removal.

Removal will take place Thursday, August 13 (weather permitting). Tresillian Park, including the amenities, will be closed to the public during removal.

"We apologise for the inconvenience of this temporary closure; however public safety is of the highest importance," a council spokesperson said.