Young Society of Artists | Exciting times for local art enthusiasts

Young Society of Artists Inc members invite locals and visitors to join the first Hilltops Art Trail for Young it has been planned and organized to run alongside the 13th Annual Lambing Flat Sculpture Wood and Big Art in the Young Town Hall. There will be exhibitions, gallery and studio's open for locals and visitors to enjoy from March 17 until March 21. Hilltops Art trail information flyers are available from the Southern Cross Cinema, Young Visitors Centre, Young Town Hall and Library. You can find all the information on the Young Society of Artists face book page.

The past 12 years The Lambing Flat Sculpture, Wood and Big Art Exhibition was a major event on the Lambing Flat Chinese Festival program but due to COVID-19 the festival was cancelled in 2020 and again in 2021. It is hoped that by local artists opening their Gallery and studios it will bring visitors to Young and the Hilltops region to support this 13th Annual Exhibition.

Hilltops Arts in partnership with the Young Society of Artists last Friday evening opened exhibition of works built around Temora artist Louise Adams' three-week residency in Studio One, located within Southern Cross Cinema, 96 Main St, Young.

This wonderful exhibition within Studio One is part of this year's Young Hilltops ArtsTrail.

Saturday March 6, Burrangong Gallery will open a new exhibition that will also be included in the Art Trail. The exhibition will feature works byphotographer Brent Randall.

Brent enjoys shooting landscapes, sunrise and sunset.

Exhibition Dates March 6 - April 16 Open Daily Young Visitors Centre.

Opening night of the AIR exhibition in Studio One. Photo: Heather Ruhl.

Opening night of the AIR exhibition in Studio One. Photo: Heather Ruhl.