Prioritise safety this National Road Safety Week

Prioritise safety this National Road Safety Week

Hume Police District is urging drivers to take the National Road Safety pledge this week, and aim "towards zero" deaths on our roads.

Police say the event, which runs from May 16 to May 23, is important, and thousands of people in our community have already taken the pledge to drive so others survive.

The road toll currently sits at 105 deaths in 2021 in four and half months. "That is 105 drivers, passengers, riders and pedestrians that have suddenly died, simply setting off on a journey from point A to point B," Goulburn Police Inspector Matt Hinton said.

"We now drive the safest cars in our history, drive on improving roads that are designed to allow small errors in judgement not to become deadly however we still see horrendous crashes and people die on our local roads.

"The cost is unbearable, on families who are left behind, on our community through the loss of local people and the impact on our first responders - police, ambulance and Fire and Rescue and volunteer rescue organisations.

The NSW Police Force have a large well resourced Traffic and Highway Patrol presence on local roads with their priority being to save lives. The aim being "towards zero" deaths on our roads.

"The Hume Police District prioritise road safety with every police car being a mobile alcohol and drug testing vehicle and actively target impaired drivers," Inspector Hinton said.

"Now it's time every road user prioritises their next journey to be as safe as possible and to avoid the four Ds - dangerous driving behaviour, distracted by mobile devices, drink and drug impaired driving. As a witness to the carnage on our roads, I ask you to take the pledge and drive so others survive."

Emma Cockburn from the Georginga Josephine Foundation, based in Young, last week urged road users to take the pledge.

"Taking the pledge means promising to always be fit to drive, stay focused on the road, scan the road ahead, keep a safe distance, and to drive in a way that suits the conditions," she said.

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