Ensemble performance

The newly formed Forelle Ensemble will visit Young this month.
The newly formed Forelle Ensemble will visit Young this month.

In homage to Austrian chamber music, the newly formed Forelle Ensemble will visit Young as it travels through regional NSW and ACT in the spirit of Franz Schubert.

The Forelle Ensemble is the offspring of a love story between a young Australian violinist, James Armstrong, and Vienna. Armstrong fell in love with Austrian chamber music, especially the music of Franz Schubert, after spending time in Vienna in 2020 as the winner of the Austria Scholarship granted by Sydney Youth Orchestras and Austrian National Tourist Office.

To honour Schubert and as a reference to one of the composer's most famous chamber music pieces Armstrong was inspired to form the Forelle Ensemble.

Members of the ensemble include James Armstrong (violin), Aisha Goodman (viola), Angela Shin (cello), Lilly Bennett (double bass) and Estelle Shircore Barker (piano).

The ensemble will give two performances in Young, at Ballinaclash Orchard at 12 noon on Sunday, June 27 and at the Young Regional School of Music on Tuesday, June 29 from 6pm.

During his lifetime Schubert's Lieder (songs) were mainly heard by a small group of dedicated friends, who would come together at intimate musical soirees, that became all the rage in 19th century Vienna as so called "Schubertiade" .

The ensemble is visiting Young to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first Schubertiade.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite and the venue websites.