Former Hennessy student Josephine Basham collects ICMS scholarship

Josephine Basham pictured at the ICMS Scholarship Recognition Ceremony. Photo: contributed
Josephine Basham pictured at the ICMS Scholarship Recognition Ceremony. Photo: contributed

Hennessy Catholic College alum Josephine Basham has been awarded one of the highly esteemed ICMS Professional Scholarship 2021.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) awarded almost $2 million worth of scholarships to over 130 recipients during 2020 and almost 100 scholarships so far this year.

ICMS is located in Sydney's northern beaches.

ICMS Scholarships Chair Ann Whitelock, who is also the wife of ICMS Founder and Chair Darryl Courtney-O'Connor, says the couple have "always shared a passion for recognising hard work, making education accessible, and giving back".

She added that her program "was predicated on these principles over eleven years ago and underpins a key pillar of the college's strategic values".

The program has an unwavering system and process which prioritises both objectivity and inclusiveness.

Applicants submit a written essay, academic transcripts and an array of relevant documents which highlight leadership roles, community contributions, certificates, and high school achievements.

Successful students then progress to the panel interview rounds.

"I am often inspired by these students. Their level of commitment is impressive.

"Many are leaders and contributors throughout their school and extra-curricular lives, or have triumphed over situations of real adversity, or are first in their family to attend tertiary education, or this might be the first recognition award ever received. We encourage rural and regional students to have a go." Whitelock added.

While continuing to respond to Covid-19, and manage intermittent lockdowns, the priority is on face-to-face teaching and on-campus learning and living at ICMS campuses, while providing quality online learning.

"Most [students] have completed their final school year in 2020, the most challenging time.

"Many have moved out of home for the first time.

"We make sure they settle in smoothly and get to know others," Whitelock said.

"Scholarship recipients are offered opportunities to develop leadership and presentation skills with members of the College.

"Smaller classes and the collegial community at ICMS allow for connecting with others and a sense of belonging while cultivating individuality.

"This is one of the unique advantages which will provide students with a network of friendships and professionals in the important years to come," Whitelock said.

The Scholarship Ceremony is a highlight on the college calendar where recipients are presented with their formal scholarship award and many are provided with the opportunity of public speaking to share their scholarship stories.