What makes Australia's coastal destinations so iconic?

What makes Australia's coastal destinations so iconic?

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There's no denying that Australia is home to some of the most jaw-dropping, inspiring and iconic coastal destinations in the world.

Although Australia is the driest continent in the world, a culture has grown around enjoying the water and making the very most of these special places.

International and domestic travellers alike have been flocking to some of the most iconic coastal destinations for decades and for good reason.

Thousand of people load up their surfboards, pack their dive gear or gather their kayaking equipment and head to the coast to enjoy time on the water every day in Australia.

With more than eight per cent of the country's population living near the coast, many Australians have such easy access to the coast that it is often taken for granted.

But what is it that makes out coastal destinations so iconic? What is it that keeps us coming back for more, time and time again?

Let's take a look at just a few reasons that Australia's coastal destinations have become so well-known, not just at home, but around the world too.

Plenty of sunshine

Although not everywhere in Australia is blessed with perfect year-round sunshine, the climate does help to make our coastal destinations more beautiful.

Some parts of the country have near-perfect weather all year round and those blue sky, sunny days certainly help to add to the allure of those famous coastal spots that the country has become known for.

Beautiful beaches

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It doesn't matter which coast you are on, there is almost always a stunning, white sand beach within reach.

From the untouched beaches of WA to the busier beaches of Queensland and New South Wales, there is a seemingly never-ending list of jaw-dropping stretches of sand waiting to be explored.

World-class surf

Known all over the world as one of the premier surf destinations on the planet, surfing has undoubtedly helped to put Australia on the map when it comes to iconic coastal destinations.

From major pro events to beginners catching their very first wave, the world-class surf breaks that line our shores have undoubtedly helped to solidify many coastal destinations in the minds of locals and visitors alike.

Incredible marine life

From bright, vibrant colourful fish to migratory whale sharks, great whites, sea turtles and so much more, Australia is known for its vast array of marine life.

This diverse marine life has led more people to learn about Australia's coastline and created excitement around many coastal destinations all over the country.

From The Great Barrier Reef to Ningaloo Reef and so much in between, the creatures that call Australian waters home have made our coastline even more special.

So much choice

With approximately 25,760 kilometres worth of coastline, Australia ranks seventh in the world when it comes to country coastline lengths.

The sheer diversity of places to explore, climates to enjoy and marine life to see has given rise to more Australian coastal destinations becoming firm favourites with virtually anyone who visits them.

This level of diversity is not possible in other countries and is just one more thing that makes Australian coastal locations so iconic.

Australia's coastline will continue attracting Visitors for decades to come

Despite being the driest continent in the world, the coastline of Australia is one of the first things that most visitors will think of.

What's more, it's also one of the first things that many locals will tell you that they love about living in Australia.

With so much going for it, there's no doubt that our iconic coastal destinations will continue to attract visitors from near and far for many decades to come, as even more people discover the staggering natural beauty our country's coastal areas have to offer.