Standing tall: How standing desks are revolutionising the workforce

Standing tall: How standing desks are revolutionising the workforce

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Standing desks have been increasing in popularity over the last number of years, as more people have started to pay attention to their posture when they work.

With the large range of advantages that come with using standing desks in Australia, it's no surprise that they are becoming so popular in workplaces, offering employees a new level of comfort and functionality in the workplace.

Nowadays, we are all more aware of the importance of maintaining the correct posture and ergonomic positioning when we're working.

Sitting at a desk all day can be detrimental to your health and, understandably, you will want to take steps to ensure you stay safe and comfortable when you are working.

With employee well-being becoming an ever-more important issue for employers, many companies, as well as employees themselves, are beginning to re-evaluate their office set-ups. Unsurprisingly, standing desks play a pivotal role in that shift.

Let's take a look at just a few benefits of standing desks and how these modern office solutions are revolutionising the workforce.

Healthier working

Our bodies aren't designed to be sitting down all day and, as many health experts will tell you, "sitting is the new smoking".

As human beings, we need to be moving around constantly and without regular movement, we often feel aches and pains in our back and legs after a long day in our office chairs.

Standing desks provide an effective solution in changing your seated position to a more active standing posture.

Because a large amount of work-related injuries come from this sedentary lifestyle, adding standing desks to your office can significantly reduce the number of potential workers compensation claims in the future.

Improved productivity

When employees are less focused on their discomfort and aches, they will be much more focused on completing their work without distraction.

Studies have shown that using standing desks leads to employees having more energy throughout the workday which leads to greater productivity in the workplace.

In fact, using sit-stand desks in workplaces led to 44 per cent of employees feeling energised for the entire workday, compared with just 6 per cent of the workforce without standing desks.

What's more, utilising standing desks has also been shown to decrease employees taking sick days, as they are less prone to injury in the workplace and are not less apprehensive about being uncomfortable at work for prolonged periods of time. This can have a massive impact on your workplace feeling healthier and more productive.

Create a dynamic environment

Humans are social creatures, and we are not built to stay in one place for most of the day. When employees are stuck at their desks all day, it can impact their work and their mental health.

However, by introducing standing desks in your office environment, staff can move around more naturally throughout the day, promoting collaboration, teamwork and creativity in the workplace.

Standing desks can provide healthy stimulation that can help to keep your team motivated and on track towards their goals moving forward.

Enhanced business image

When clients visit your workplace, you want to be sure that you make the best impression possible. Having a modern office fit-out and a happy, productive workforce is key in ensuring that any visitor to your business premises leaves with a positive image of your company.

While there are countless different factors that contribute to this, using modern office fixtures such as standing desks can help to ensure that you make the right impression on your clients from the outset.

A modern workplace helps to show that you are a forward-thinking, cutting edge business that is relevant in the current business landscape.

Small details like this can go a long way to ensuring that existing and prospective clients get the best possible impression of your operations.

Make standing desks work for your business moving forward

There are many benefits to be experienced from using standing desks over more traditional office furniture.

In the modern business landscape, it's more important than ever that you shake things up, look after your employee's health and well-being and remain productive and relevant moving forward.

Using standing desks in your office, you can be sure that your team will be kept on their toes and be more efficient in their roles, so your business stands head and shoulders above the competition.