Waiting game with NSWRL yet to weigh in

Group Nine are still waiting on a determination for the rest of the season.
Group Nine are still waiting on a determination for the rest of the season.

Group Nine are still waiting for feedback from NSW Rugby League (NSWRL) before a determination can be made on the future of the season.

Chairman Andrew Hinchcliffe wants to give every chance of being able to play finals.

"At this stage we are trying to interpret the NSW Health advice and still waiting for clarification on community sport and whether a stadium exemption is appropriate or applicable," Hinchcliffe said.

"My personal opinion is that it is probably unlikely the season is going to proceed but at the same time really hopeful that when the advice comes through it might be favourable and we can continue."

The hope is the fixed setting available at Equex Centre could work in Group Nine's favour.

If that is the case the entire finals series would be held at the ground.

Traditionally finals venues are determined on where clubs finish on the ladder.

Group Nine had also been exploring the role live streaming before the decision to come out of lockdown was made.

A NSWRL spokesperson confirmed the Public Health Order would be discussed on Monday before any information is released.

There have been some discussions on what Group Nine will do if the season can not go ahead.

"At this stage we will wait until we are 100 per cent if the season is going to go ahead or not and work through that appropriately," he said.

"We're not 100 per cent sure how it will play out as there could be precedence set in other competitions across NSW.

"We certainly would be appreciative of any precedence set and would certainly be keen to discuss it as a board.

"If we thought it was necessary, and we wanted clubs to have some input, we also have that option as well."