Grenfell earth-quake recorded

Over the weekend locals from Grenfell were asking what the banging and rumbling sound was in the area, well, Geoscience Australia may have the answer.

According to Geoscience Australia Grenfell recorded a magnitude 2.3 earthquake at 8.02pm on Sunday October 17, 2021.

Image: Geoscience Australia.

Image: Geoscience Australia.

Though not as strong as the earthquake in Victoria last month, the epicentre of the quake was recorded at being right at the eastern edge of the town with a depth of 10km.

The quake was recorded at the Young testing station 48km away and was even picked up by the Cobar testing station more than 351km away from the epicentre.

More than 20 locals had recorded that they felt the quake with Geoscience Australia.

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