Foreman wants a stronger robust economy

Hilltops Council candidate Alison Foreman says she for working together towards building a strong, robust regional economy.

Ms Foreman, who is among the candidates at the 2021 Local Government elections, to be held on December 4 also says she is for "a progressive and resilient Hilltops, driving local tourism, environmental sustainability, and advocacy for women.

"My family relocated to the Hilltops region from Sydney almost 26 years ago to enjoy a country lifestyle and a strong sense of community," Ms Foreman said.

"Since then, the region has experienced considerable growth which I want to leverage and accelerate by looking for ways around development roadblocks.

"I am passionate about continuing to advance Hilltops and envisage us being a must-see tourist destination, business hub and leader in a sustainable future.

"My work life started in the banking industry and all successive jobs have been in management roles, the skills I have learnt from high level management I plan to bring to my role as a councillor."

"I now own and operate two local businesses, Label A and The Barrel Bus & Bar - Hilltops Tours and have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small business.

"With this in mind, I have taken action and implemented the Young Business Network which aims to connect business, develop CBD idea's and offer support.

"I believe community leadership is about making change.

"I am an active member of the Cherry Festival Committee, Young Development Group and work with Boorowa and Harden Murrumburrah implementing the Hilltops Christmas Spending Spree and recently worked on the Hilltops Carepack Campaign.

"My candidacy is a natural step next step to continue advocating for our community to drive change," Ms Foreman said.