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Chic shopper: The 6 closet essentials worth investing in

Chic shopper: The 6 closet essentials worth investing in

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Whether you're a shopaholic, occasional splurger, or simply a savvy shopper, there are always going to be items that cost a little more that you just have to have. But, when it comes to these spendy items, which ones are actually worth dropping the dough on? We talk through what's worth spending your hard-earned coin on, and why.


A classic knit is something that will never go out of style, and whilst you can find knit jumpers in various cuts, colours and sizes, once you purchase a high-quality one, you'll never go back.

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A cheap knit can often feel cheap and plastic-like as they are made with low-quality fibres that will break down quicker. So even though it may feel like you're getting a steal when you purchase a 3 for 2 deal, these garments will pill and break down quicker.

This leads to a cycle of needing to repurchase and replace these damaged articles of clothing and in the long run, you end up spending more, so quality is key.

A well made, good quality knit will last you years when looked after properly. The ever classic piece acts as a wardrobe staple and is the perfect item to throw on with a pair of jeans for a simple 'cool girl' daytime look, or team with a leather mini skirt and a pair of slingback heels for a chic, laidback going out to dinner style.

A knit doesn't have to be completely separate from your personal style either, you can tailor this item to your tastes; if you're somebody who opts for colour, pick one in a bold hue to complement your personal look. Alternatively, opt for something more neutral if minimalism is more your forté, and watch it become one of the most worn items in your wardrobe.

Midi skirt

A midi skirt is undeniably one of the most versatile pieces to own, so investing in a great quality one will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make, fashion-wise. This piece can be worn in a variety of different ways and transcends the trend cycle due to its versatility.

If you opt for a neutral hue such as black or white, this garment can be take garment can be taken from your desk to drinks. It can also be styled in a variety of ways to match your own tastes. Style with a pair of loafers and a crisp button-down for a preppy office style or with a cropped style tank and platform heels for a more going out appropriate look.

Its trans-seasonal quality makes it wearable all year round, so if you decide to go for a higher quality pick to invest in, you won't regret it, this clothing staple will be by your side for years to come.


If someone asks me what's one item that you should always splurge on why is answer is always: a great quality coat. A coat is a classic piece of winter clothing you'll wear year in and year out, so investing in one that will keep you not only warm but also chic is a must.

The difference between a cheap coat and an expensive one is all in the finishes. A cheaper one may have flimsy threads and plastic buttons that break throughout the season, whereas a higher quality will not only have better finishes but will also keep you warmer with their quality fabrics and well-crafted cuts.

Mid heel black ankle boots

If you want an item to instantly elevate your outfit and make it that little bit chicer and a little bit cooler, the black ankle boot is your saving grace.

Whilst almost every shoe or accessories retailer has their own take on the black heeled boot, you'll never regret investing in a high-quality pair, as their craftsmanship will take away the discomfort that can come with shoes that are slightly more cheaply made.

These are the accessories version of a white t-shirt, they go with just about everything and are an investment that will last you for years to come.

By opting for good quality basics, you're setting yourself up to become an eternally stylish person, you can mix and match your basics, and rather than falling victim to fast fashion overly trendy pieces, you'll look classic and timeless. Look to such fashion icons as Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy or Pheobe Phillo for inspiration on how to style these items.


If there was ever an item to invest in, the ever classic, ever on-trend pair of blue jeans is it. The perfect pair of jeans is a sought after item that once you get ahold of, you'll never wish to part with.

They're the ones that fit you perfectly, fitting snugly in the areas you want and are looser where you need some give. This item is ever-present on the list of wardrobe staples from anyone, be it a silver screen starlet, busy mum, corporate cool girl or tricky teenager, they're a crowd-pleaser, a wardrobe must-have, and an item that if invested in will fit you perfectly

Black bag

A good bag is something that will carry you through life, or rather, you will carry it through life. It can serve as a much-needed accessory to complete your ensemble, or it can withhold the many bits and pieces you need for your day to day life; so, investing in one that will last you a lifetime is imperative.

A good black bag is one of the backbone pieces of your style, as an accessory it can be tailored to your sense of fashion, whether you opt for a hobo style, or a carryall is entirely dependent on what you'll use the most.

Investing in a high-quality bag ensures that the material doesn't wither and crack throughout use, and when cared for properly can look just as good, if not better years on from when you first purchased.

Fashion is entirely based on your own personality, so ensuring that you find quality pieces that grow with you and serve as the core of your wardrobe is so important. Once you've found your perfect items, you're set for life.