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How the great resignation could be your greatest opportunity

How the great resignation could be your greatest opportunity

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If you're a young person in the workforce and haven't been living under a rock for the last year, you've probably heard of 'The Great Resignation'.

But, what exactly is the Great Resignation referring to, and how will it affect the over 90 per cent of young Aussies who are currently employed?

Well, the term was coined by American management professor Anthony Klotz in May 2021, around the time that employers in the US began to ask their employees to return to the workplace.

Put simply, the Great Resignation is a phenomenon predicting that an exponential amount of people will choose to leave their jobs to pursue different opportunities off the back of the pandemic.

The beginning of the Great Resignation coincided with the reopening of the US economy and the demand for labour increasing post lockdowns.

It seems safe to say that Klotz was on the money with his theory, given that over one in five Australians has changed jobs in the past year, according to a recent study by NAB.

What's more, almost one in four are still considering quitting their current jobs, with three in 10 surveyed planning to change industries to boot.

So, aside from a COVID-inspired identity crisis, what are the main reasons that Australians are looking to change careers?

A 2021 Qualtrics survey found that the key motivations for searching for a new job included a lack of flexibility, poor mental health and inadequate salaries.

According to the survey, 51 per cent of Australians said they were unsatisfied with their employer's ongoing remote working policies and wanted greater freedom to work around personal commitments.

On top of that, many of those surveyed said their employer didn't prioritise their mental health, leading them to seek more support for their wellbeing.

A 2022 Randstad Workmonitor study also reported that 35,000 employees in 34 countries, including Australia, desired employment that would provide them with a greater sense of purpose.

In addition, 56 per cent of Gen Z and 55 per cent of Millennials surveyed said they would quit their job if it was preventing them from enjoying life.

To top it all off, research by Elmo Software found that close to a fifth of Aussies are planning to resign without another job lined up.

So if you, too, are craving a change without knowing where to start, comparison websites like could be your new best friend.

How the great resignation could be your greatest opportunity

A service that streamlines the process of finding the right career for you, takes the guesswork out of determining which industry is best for your financial needs and level of education.

The website is even fitted with a dedicated Job Outcomes section, which details each key industry's average salary, job growth rate, and level of education required.

Plus, it displays the corresponding courses needed to obtain employment in specific industries (if any), along with their start date, delivery methods, and entry requirements.

With all this available in one place, it's a no-brainer that should be your first port of call should you wish to join the Great Resignation.