Quandialla church joins village celebration

ABOVE: St Brigids Church, Quandialla.
ABOVE: St Brigids Church, Quandialla.

After the railway went through Quandialla, St Brigids Church was built by Len Pendergast from Stockinbingal.

In the 1830s to the 1920s the district was served by itinerant priests who came out on horseback from the Yass region every couple of months saying mass on local stations and private homes in the area.

Prior to the church being built, services were held every six weeks from 1922 until 1924. 

Weddings, baptisms and Sunday school were held in the Quandialla Public Hall.

The land for the new church was donated by Mr M Conroy who also donated the timber from his property to build the church.

The cost of the church was £750 which was raised and donated by the community.

The church was opened on November 9, 1924 by the Right Rev Dr Barry Bishop of Goulburn.

There were three masses held on that day.

The visiting parish priest was Father McKenna.

There was a spectacular banquet put on in the Quandialla Public Hall and despite the poor state of the roads, 300 people turned up from all creeds. 

The first wedding in St Brigids Church involved George McCabe and Molly Keir in 1924. 

There have been about 16 parish visiting priests from Young servicing the church since 1924 until 2014.

Over the years it has been lovingly maintained by the dedicated locals where many weddings, baptisms, funeral services, first communions and confirmations have been held.  

The congregation has lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression and worst drought ever recorded in Australia’s history, floods, bad roads and decentralisation.

Despite all the setbacks, the remaining community’s  pioneering spirit and faith has remained steadfast.

Today there still remains an active community.

Church services are held here on a monthly basis, provided by priests from Young. 

 The church was recently renovated by Gary Halloren from Quandialla at a cost of $16,000 which was donated by the local congregation.        

The church celebrates its 90th year during this weekend’s Quandialla Centenary celebrations.