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Wayne Nolan is off the air after announcing his retirement from Young community radio station.
Wayne Nolan is off the air after announcing his retirement from Young community radio station.

Local Community Radio Station 2YYY has announced that its long serving president/secretary and chair, Wayne Nolan has retired after 11 years of dedicated service as a volunteer.

“After 11 years as a volunteer broadcaster, President/Secretary and Chair of the Board, and morning presenter, I have decided to retire from my position,” Mr Nolan said.

The former builder, joined the 2YYY team in 2005 as a part time volunteer starting an all Australian Country Music Program, he was nominated as President by the founder of 2YYY Cabbage McDonald in 2006, then after a significant back injury in 2008 Mr Nolan went on to run the community radio station.  Since 2012 he has been the president and secretary.

When he first joined the volunteers in 2005, the station was surviving on a short term temporary licence. Thanks to dedication and many hours of hard work Mr Nolan was instrumental in 2013 of securing a long term licence for the station.

“I began volunteering initially as a hobby and then to keep busy after a work related back injury meant I could no longer work as a builder, but what I quickly realised was that the community radio station provides a great opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to gain radio and broadcasting experience, a place that gives people a real sense of value providing a service to the Young community.

“The station has gone from strength to strength during my time, and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved in the last 11 years.  We started live broadcasting the local Rugby League games again, delivered local news every morning, brought live music performers to Young, raised money for local charities and supported local business.

“And while it is sad to be finishing up, it is time for the next chapter in my life, do some travel and spend more time with my wife, kids and grandkids, I have been able to contribute to securing the long term viability of 2YYY and hope it will continue to be of service to this town and its people.

I would like to thank the listeners and sponsors that have supported the radio station during my time,” Mr Nolan said.