Zahab moved to Supermax prison


Local electrician Hasiem Zahab has been moved from Junee Correctional Facility to the Supermax prison in Goulburn awaiting his March 8 hearing for terrorism related offences.

Goulburn Supermax is currently Australia’s most secure prison within the NSW Correctional system.

Goulburn Supermax is also known as the High Risk Management Correctional Centre.

“Inmates in NSW custody who pose a high risk to the good order and security of correctional centres and or a threat to the community will be separated and managed in our most secure facility, the High Risk Management Correctional Centre, known as Supermax,” a Corrective Services NSW spokesperson said.

The Centre is a purpose-built maximum security facility for male offenders and is situated within the Goulburn Correctional Complex.

Inmates held within the confines of the Supermax facility are subjected to intense supervision by security and a strict daily regime.

Prisoners within the Supermax facility are held in what are known as one-out cells.

One-out cells are single cells that inmates occupy on their own and are predominantly isolated from other inmates within the facility.

“Inmates’ days at the HRMCC are highly structured and there are strict management guidelines including how inmates are moved around the centre,” the  Corrective Services NSW spokesperson said. 

“Generally, they are allowed out of their cells from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm to access a day room and exercise yard connected to their cell.”

Zahab will be housed with notable crime figures Ivan Milat, Malcolm Naden and former ‘Hey, Dad’ star Robert Hughes.

According to the Department of Corrections NSW spokesperson Zahab will remain within Golburn Supermax for the foreseeable future.