Looking Back: Postcard from Young pool 1973

Posted by Peter Keenan.

EM Hughston: I did a lot of laps there.

Helen Pearse: Phillip Pettit is that you on the diving board? Maybe its Andy Oliver Pettit? Or Temple Wells, or Brad Pettit?Any one of you would only be doin’ a bomb.

Joy Mclaughlin: 1973 Phillip Pettit maybe you and I were over by the fence having a bit of a cuddle.

Loretta Delorenzo: So many memories so much fun.

Lynn Newby: Yep, it was the place to be.

Helen Pearse: So true my daughter is 15 and I reckon she hasn’t been to the pool in Young since she was seven.

Skye Burles: Those were the days.

Cathy Maloney: Well there are so many happy memories from 1960's to 70's at the Young Pool - carefree childhood – good fun, safe walking to and from our home at Whiteman Avenue to the pool, playing with school-friends, playing cards, swimming and even flirting a bit. I'm sure many romances started at the Young Pool - and what about walking home with a chocolate paddle pop or a couple of those orange sherbet lollies, and some times the dance nights - and especially the night Little Paddy came and we had a Stomping Concert. A lot of "coming of age" stories with the transition of childhood through teenagers.

Ian Kinlyside: Mr Brinkworth was the boss of the pool in my day great man, great swim coach.

Lynda McDougall: Johnny Farnham concert…"Sadie the Cleaning Lady" was the hit then! Those were the days my friends...so much fun especially in the holidays. I even worked in the shop. Then Of course there were the swimming carnivals. Go Sturt! The worst thing about the swimming pool was trying to get back to the bus after sport/PE...especially on hot days! No diving tower in those days - I remember Tom Kemp taking a car load to the Harden pool early in the morning to use their tower.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: A postcard from Young circa 1973. Picture: Peter Keenan.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: A postcard from Young circa 1973. Picture: Peter Keenan.