NDIS roadshow to visit Young

A rural National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roadshow explaining how the NDIS can support people living with a mental health issue will come to Young on Thursday June 1.

Hosted by foremost community-based mental health service provider Flourish Australia, the information session will assist people to understand the NDIS and how it can help local people whose lives have been impacted by a severe mental health issue.

The session is for people with a mental health issue, their families and friends and anyone with an interest in mental health.

A special feature of this session is that it will include practical advice from people with a psychosocial disability who have successfully applied for an NDIS package and whose lives have been transformed as a result.

Flourish Australia decided to hold a session in Young given that the NDIS is starting locally from July.

As a prominent community-based provider of mental health supports in Young, Flourish Australia is anticipating significant interest from people keen to understand what the NDIS does and how it works.

“The NDIS is a game changer when it comes to the provision of disability supports,” Flourish Australia Young Manager Caron Cummings said.

“By providing personalised funding that goes directly to individuals, the NDIS puts individuals in charge of deciding what they need to enjoy the life they want. 

“This is particularly relevant for those with a severe mental health issue that impacts on daily life.” 

“This is an important opportunity for local people with a lived experience and their families and friends to hear important NDIS information and ask questions.”

Flourish Australia NDIS Business Manager Mark Cliff said the organisation was going ‘all out’ to provide clear advice on the NDIS.

“The arrival of the NDIS takes personalised and recovery-focused mental health support to a whole new level,” Mr Cliff said. “The NDIS can look and feel complicated to some, which is why we’re explaining what’s going on in plain-speak.”