Free heart starters for Young | Instructional Video and Location Map

The Rotary Club of Young has partnered with local businesses to provide Defibrillator units in strategic places across the town’s CBD.

Amblin’s Amcal, Donges IGA and Young McDonalds have all agreed to install a Defibrillator unit at their locations. The defibrillators are easily accessible should they need to be used in an emergency situation by a member of the public.

Each unit costs $2,190, and Rotary Club of Young President Roz Faulkner said it is an important health initiative for the town.

“Every day Cardiac Arrest steals many lives of those around us. It can happen to any individual, whether you are young, old, active, or not,” she said.

“Without a Defibrillator and effective CPR, there is less than a five percent chance of survival.

“You have only three minutes to shock someone's heart before their could be a chance of brain damage, so these units may well be the difference between life and death.

“For example, a man had a heart attack in town recently, and if there was a public awareness that a unit was close by, it could have used to assist the man.”

Mrs Faulkner said local First Aid educator Kim Shoard has offered to train the staff of the businesses in how to use the devices.

Ms Shoard said every minute after a person collapses their chance of survival decreases by 10 percent.

“Using a Defibrillator PAD can increase chances of survival dramatically,” she said.

Mrs Faulkner said the units are designed to cause zero harm to a human being.

“They are designed only to shock a heart that needs it,” she said.

“A recorded message gives instructions on how to use it properly; the machine actually talks to you, which can be good in a stressful situation.

“Rotary wants to set a register up that informs the public of the exact locations of all Defibrillator’s in town, so everyone is aware where they are if needed.”

Locations of Defibrillator units in Young: Amblin’s Amcal, Donges IGA, Young Services Club, Anytime Fitness, Delta Agribusiness, the Town Hall, LFE offices.