History of Young with Brian James - The Old Stone House

The Old Stone House.
The Old Stone House.

The Old Stone House

At what is known as the Eight Mile, where the Young-Temora Road meets the Tubbul Road, stands an old stone house.This was Conn’s Hotel in times gone by, and it is believed that Cobb & Co ‘s coaches stopped here on their way to the Bland. It went by the name of the Imperial Hotel at some stage of its life.The old stone stables have long gone, so have the kitchen, pantry and laundry at the back of the building.Conn sold the property, which was known as Elton Hills, in 1906.

In 1908 the partnership of Young and Ralli, from South Australia, bought the property.The Young family lived in the main house off the Tubbul Road.There were four children, three boys and a girl, and a governess was employed to look after the children.

Charles Western was brought over from South Australia as a book keeper, and lived and worked in the Stone House.Charles Western would become a very well known and respected citizen of Young.There was an inner and outer office, the outer office being used as a mail sorting room as well.A section was used as a shop and stores were sold to employees and others.Several other bachelors employed on the station were also housed here. A cook was employed to supply meals for the residents.

Young and Ralli also purchased what is now Olde Milong and built a large wool shed to handle a large number of sheep running on the property. The partnership also bought Greenshades and Yannawah, two large properties west of Olde Milone, and a major farming venture was commenced.Large and innovative machinery was employed, and a large share farming system put into operation.

Church Services were held at the Stone House, the first the Methodists and later the Anglicans. Mrs Young, being an Anglican, purchased a small organ and had it placed in the room used for services.

In 1913 the Elton Hills school was opened, the teacher was May Gilmore.Miss Gilmore became the Elton Hills correspondent for the “Young Chronicle”.In time the organ, desk and other small furnishings belonging to the Church room were moved to the Elton Hills school.

 Mrs .Young in 1914 formed the Elton Hills branch of the Red Cross.Annually a fate was held at an old disused wool shed about a quarter of a mile west of the Stone House.

In 1918-19 Young and Ralli decided to sell Milong and return to South Australia.The new owner  Mr AW Scott retained most of the employees, many who lived on the property in houses built by Young and Ralli.

The Old Stone House has seen many changes over the years.School concerts, dances and parties were held in a large room which had been converted from three rooms.During the War years, many send – offs and presentations were held there.It had been a residence for various people for many years as well as a church at different times.And probably for forty years or more, it was used as a polling place.

It still stands there today watching all and sundry pass by, most oblivious to its presence.

History of Young is contributed each week by Young historian Brian James.