Director visits Young Catholic schools

The director of Catholic Education for the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, Ross Fox, visited Hennessy College and St Mary's last Monday to meet with staff and students.

Director visit: Sam Davis, Sarah Roberts, Ross Fox, Trazel Scott and Louise Grant at Hennessey College. Picture: Craig Thomson.

Director visit: Sam Davis, Sarah Roberts, Ross Fox, Trazel Scott and Louise Grant at Hennessey College. Picture: Craig Thomson.

Mr Fox visited the schools to get a first-hand look at their educational programs and infrastructure.

Hennessy College principal Trazel Scott said she was pleased that the Director visited Young and was keen to show him the good work her school is doing with its students.

"It is important Mr Fox spends time with us in Young because it builds connections between us, St Mary's and Canberra," the principal said.

"We hope that Ross will see how great our school is and what a positive impact we are having in the region in regards to teaching and learning and we hope he takes that back to Canberra with him.

"Ross then may be able to better understand Hennessey's needs so far as our teaching and learning initiatives and for him to see the things we need to provide local children with a good education." 

St Mary’s principal Louise Grant said Mr Fox's visit is a tremendous opportunity for her school to show what it is offering to its students.

"It will be good to show Ross the learning that is going on at St Mary's and for him to get a feel for our unique community," she said.

"We are particularly proud of our language courses, all of our children learn to speak French, we also hope Ross will participate with our children and see what they are learning in the fields of robotics and to talk with our teachers about our flexible learning program."

Mr Fox said he was pleased to see the great educational work being done at Hennessy and St Mary's.

"It was good to meet staff and students because it is important to see what is actually going on with learning and teaching at both schools," he said.

"We have to have school environments that support great teaching and learning; I know you can't do that if you have a leaky roof, so facilities are important, but the most important thing to me is that the school has a good relationship between teachers and students and that's the main reason for my visit to Young."

St Mary's School captain Ned Hufton said the best way for Mr Fox to understand his school was to meet the students.

Hennessy girls captain Sarah Roberts said it was a privilege to welcome Mr Fox to her school.  

Hennessy boy captain Sam Davis said it was important to show the director what a great school Hennessy is and the many opportunities it provides.