Super singles II first round

Round one of Super Singles II is underway with plenty of competition for all players and the B Grade Champion back to defend his title.

A Grade results:

The highlight from the first round of competition was the seven perfect darts thrown by Ian Barrett (180-180-60). Not only was it Barrett’s first but it was a first ever back to back 180's in competition in Young. The 180's were followed by a triple 20 which meant Ian was on track for a perfect nine dart leg. Unfortunately Ian missed the triple 19 but still finished the leg in an impressive 14 darts which is an average of 35.79. Other notable results from A-grade was the 158 pegout by Todd Nicolls and a 143 pegout by Phil Selleck. Greg Lestrange set the highest match average (five legs) of 25.48 and both Barret and Lestrange threw two 180's each.

A Grade ladder:

Greg Lestrange 14 legs 23.57 average  21 x 100s

Ian Barrett. 12 legs 21.35 average 18 x 100s

Brady Lestrange 7 legs 20.84 average 21 x 100s

Anthony Hatch 6 legs 21.47 average 17 x 100s

Paul Kennedy 6 legs 20.92 average 18 x 100s

Phil Selleck 6 legs 19.17 average 14 x 100s

John Laybutt 5 legs 20.01 average 13 x 100s

Todd Nicolls 4 legs 17.87 average 11 x 100s

B-grade results: 

Pat Walsh has started the defense of his B-grade title in style with a high match average of 22.89. Pat also had two pegouts of 137 and 102. Pat best leg was an impressive 15 darts.

Pat Walsh has started the defense of his B-grade title in style with a high match average of 22.89.

John Laybutt.

B-grade Ladder:

Legs Average Hundreds

Adam Harvey 8 legs 17.24 average 6 x 100s

Pat Walsh 5 legs 19.24 average 10 x 100s

Erika 5 legs 14.95 average 2 x 100s

Shannon Genge 5 legs 14.71 average 4 x 100s

Bob Berg 4 legs 14.83 average 2 x 100s

Sam Terry 4 legs 0.00 average 0 x 100s

Brian Barlow 3 legs 15.86 average 3 x 100s

Leanne Drage 3 legs 14.32 average 2 x 100s

Mick Duncan 3 legs 13.10 average 4 x 100s

Jason Mazoudier 1 legs 15.32 average 10 x 100s

Note: A-grade from next week will play four legs per match.