Residents don't want heavy vehicles using their street

Now that there are 11 councillors in place residents of Currawong Street are looking forward to a possible solution to their complaints about heavy vehicles using their street.

Bill Yeomans and other Currawong Street residents have complained to the council, but Mr Yeomans says so far there has not been a reasonable solution to their problem.

"There was a near miss with a child playing on the road recently, our street isn’t being used to get anywhere specific, except maybe to the council depot, but it is being used as a shortcut to bypass the Woolies roundabout," he said.

"B doubles are still using Currawong Street I see them every day; I wonder how long it will be before someone is hit."

Mr Yeomans said the trucks have caused damage to parked vehicles.

"I have had the driver’s side mirror taken off my ute, parked on the street, by a truck moving over to miss a car going the other way," he said.

"Wombat St has a weight limit, look how wide that street is, I have asked the council why can’t our street be off limits to heavy vehicles also?

Council's Iain Rice has told Mr Yeomans via email that staff recently installed a traffic classifier in Currawong Street for a three and a half week period to collect data such as the volume of vehicles, types of vehicle axle groups and vehicle speed.

"The data will be assessed and presented to Councils Local Traffic Committee," the email said.

Mr Yeomans said Mr Rice also told him the Council had notified its staff not to use Currawong or Miro Streets when travelling to and from the council depot.

"But I was out front this morning, talking to our neighbour across the road when two Council trucks went down the street, so nothing has changed," he said.

"If a street as wide as Wombat St can have a load limit of 8 ton, to force heavy vehicles to use the Campbell St highway route, why can’t a narrow residential street like Currawong Street also be load limited, as both Berthong and Allanan are. 

"When cars are parked on both sides of the street, it’s too narrow for cars to pass safely, let alone trucks, and I’m sure ours isn’t the only street being used as a bypass, something needs to be done."