Residents say Council's waste disposal explanation is "just garbage."

The Hilltops Council has sought to clarify confusion over access to tip facilities across the region for those who live outside the Young garbage collection zone.

The Young Witness reported last week that McCaffery Rd resident Ted Martin was paying for garbage collection on his rates bill but not getting the service.

Hilltops Council General Manager Anthony McMahon responded by saying the fee for garbage collection on Mr Martin's rates bill provided for access to village landfills and transfer stations at no extra cost because he is was living outside of garbage collection zones. 

Since that report, the Witness has been flooded with similar complaints from Young residents.

Mr McMahon said residents living outside the collection zones do not have free access to the Victoria St or Redhill Rd waste facilities. 

“The annual $41 waste fee paid by those outside Young’s town garbage collection zones entitles them to access one of the seven village waste disposal sites," he said.

“In order to gain this access, these residents pay a one-off, fully refundable deposit for a key to the village facility of their choice, allowing them to dispose of their household waste and recycling at that site.

“Unless it’s recycling, everyone who uses the Victoria St or Redhill Rd waste facilities is required to pay a fee.”

The Witness understands if someone wants a key, they go to the Council with relevant identification, pay the deposit and get a key to keep. 

But Mr Martin said he was not happy with the Council’s explanation.

“This is an absolute disgrace, their response is just garbage,” he said. 

“Now I have to drive outside of town to dispose of my rubbish, it’s wrong, and it’s another way of the council gouging rate payers, it is double dipping. I pay rates, I still have to drive out of town, and I still have to pay a deposit for the key. 

“I’m sure those villages will be very happy with a large number of townsfolk dumping their rubbish in their village. 

“Young’s my town I’ve been here for 20 years, now I’ve got to do a 90 minute round trip to Bendick Murrell to drop off my rubbish, that’s extra petrol I pay and wear and tear on my car on the worst roads in the district, the Council will hear from more people as angry as me, this issue won’t go away for them I can assure you.”