‘I’ll cop it on the chin' says convicted cannabis cultivator

A Young resident has been convicted and given a 12 month bond for the cultivation of cannabis in his home.

Appearing in Young Local Court and representing himself in front of Magistrate Michael O’Brien 39-year-old Jay Simon Pecar of Boyds Lane in Young was asked if he would like an adjournment to seek legal council.

“No, I think I’ll cop it on the chin,” Pecar said before he pleaded guilty to all three charges.

Pecar submitted to the court that he had a seven-year long drug habit.

“I got myself off the hard stuff and there turns out there were some underlying mental health problems and when I’m on the medication I blow up to the size of a house,” Pecar said.

Magistrate O’Brien told him he would need to source alternatives to using cannabis to treat himself.

“It’s not open to you to simply say I’m going to do what I want to do,” Magistrate O’Brien said.

Magistrate O’Brien asked Pecar if he would benefit from assistance from Corrective Services to which Pecar responded “No, I’ll cop a charge.”

“If you re-offend in any way you will be back in for sentencing,” Magistrate O’Brien warned Pecar.

According to the agreed upon police facts presented to the court, on Wednesday January 10 police attended a local address in relation to information received. As police approached the premises the strong and distinct smell of cannabis could be smelt emitting from the location.

Police entered the location and were led to the front bedroom where a small indoor cultivation set up was found. There were numerous cannabis plants, lights and fans in the cupboard. On the floor of the room was an amount of cannabis drying on a flyscreen window frame.

Police were led to the main bedroom and were shown a tent which contained numerous cannabis plants, lights and fans.

During an interview with officers Pecar said he used them to self medicate for mental health issues. He led police to the kitchen area and showed police eight cannabis seeds concealed in wet kitchen paper saying he was attempting to germinate them.

A short time later five resealable bags were located inside a small safe containing various amounts of cannabis.

Police seized 14 cannabis plants, 122.6g of cannabis leaf/bud, eight cannabis seeds, three LED lights – white, two blue LED light blocks, one black LED light block.