Two much loved educators say farewell to St Mary’s | Photos

St Mary's and the community said farewell to two much loved educators on Wednesday April 4, both leaving due to further commitments and new journey's.

School principal Louise Grant after four-and-a-half years has decided to journey on a new international adventure, whilst PE teacher Mrs Amy Ryals and her family, travel back to home roots to continue a new path in their lives.

St Mary's Acting school principal Mark Birks said the efforts of these amazing two individuals have been invaluable for the school and its students. 

"Louise has dedicated herself to the St Mary's community and brought about many changes to the school community in the areas of teaching, learning and the development of the curriculum development," he said.

"Amy has been instrumental in developing the vibrant PE curriculum at the school and has been able to inspire many of the students to fully engage in PE and sport at the school,"

"Their enthusiasm has been contagious."

Mrs Grant's future endeavours will lead her to Singapore, she said St. Mary’s has been a pivotal experience in her teaching career and a huge highlight of her life has been her years in the country system.

"The last four and a half years have been truly rewarding," She said.

"I have loved the adventures along the way, my biting memory (other than the snakes) will be all the times where I have experienced the joyfulness from the beautiful children at the St.Mary's primary school."

Mrs Ryals, teacher of two years at the St.Mary's primary school said the setting and environment of Young has allowed her career to blossom.

"It's the first time I have been able to start teaching, based on my experiences," she said.

"The children, their joy is contagious,"

"A big piece of my heart will be missing when I leave them (the children). I have really grown to love them,"

The people of Young and the local community would like to thank the dedication and efforts of Mrs Grant and Mrs Ryals, wishing them the best for their future paths.