Mercy care host students for work experience

Mercy Care Centre Young hosted six year 10 students from St Ignatius’ College, Riverview in Sydney last week as part of their community service at school.

The students from Young, Hong Kong, London, Coolac and Singapore completed their four day Ignatian Service Program at Mercy Care Centre and invited the boys to give their time and energy to care for and be of service to others in our community.

The boys spent their service time in various departments including physiotherapy, pastoral care, diversional therapy, occupational therapy and social work.

The students were actively involved with the therapy program offered at the Hennessey Recreational Therapy Centre with the Diversional Therapy team. 

Sam Phillip from Singapore spent time with the Social Work team within the Mercy Care facility and out in the local Hilltops community.

Fergus Back from Young was impressed with the service offered and would love to see even further upgrades to the facility at Hennessy Recreational Therapy Centre. 

“It is a great opportunity for participants to meet up with each other and enjoy their company, while remaining physically and mentally active,” Fergus said.

The students spent time in the Physiotherapy Group Exercise session and the Occupational Therapy Falls Prevention session.

Benedict Bonsembiante of Young and Niall Meehan of London enjoyed assisting on the bus where attendees are picked up from their homes to attend Hennessy Recreational Therapy Service.

Mercy Care Centre regularly hosts high school and university students on work experience and placements so the opportunity to extend the invitation for these boys to complete their Ignatian Service Program at Mercy Care Centre was warmly welcomed.

“Placements such as the Ignatian Service program is reflective of the Mercy Health values,” Mary Lou Cusack, Operations Manager/DON at Mercy Care Centre said.

“Work experience placements are a valuable way to engage an interest with young people in understanding the needs of the community.”