Lindsay wins the Sunday flag event

Despite the cold and wet weather there has still been plenty of action on the fairways at the Tipperary Golf Club with play last Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at the course.

Tuesday’s nine hole social event went to Max Harman with second place going to Brad Noordhuis. Brad had two birdies and one gobble.

Thursday an 18 hole stroke event was played.

Coming in 69/49 was Brian Hearne. Next best was Nigel Willet on 78/54. Birdies went to Nigel (1), Fred Hiskins (1), Max Hardman (1), Brad Noordhuis (1) and Brian Hearne (2).

Fred, Nigel and Lindsay Sheather each had a gobble.

Sunday a flag event was played.

The winner was Lindsay Sheather with Brad Noordhuis as runner up.

Birdies went to Lindsay (1), Brad (3) and Kevin Rattenbury (2).

Gobbles went to Fred Hiskins (1), Kevin (3), Lindsay (2) and Brad (4).

Robert Norton won the Eagles Nest. 

Lindsay receives one point in the Corbett’s Tyre competition.

Fred Hiskins won the raffle.

Sunday will be a two person Ambrose select partner.

The monthly meeting will be held on Sunday postponed from last Sunday due to the weather.