Police provide support to help end homelessness

This week marks Homeless Week and police are again partnering with Mission Australia to collect and donate spare police issue boots to those in need as part of the corporately supported annual boot drive. 

Police from the Hume Police District last year gave 30 pairs of shoes, and will spend the next week gathering more donations.

Although a drop in the bucket, this is a very simple initiative where police officers across the state make a small contribution and heighten awareness surrounding the realities of homelessness.

 “Although minor compared to capital cities, homelessness remains an issue within localities across the Hume Police District and there are common misconceptions held in regard to legalities and what help is available,” Acting Inspector of Young police Paul Martyn said.

“Homeless people have the right to move through public spaces, carry with them their belongings and attend public events just like any other member of the community. 

“We’re here to help.”