Young Theatre Company’s new play packs a lot of laughs

Young Theatre Company is highly anticipating opening of its new production Sex Please We’re 60 by Michael and Susan Parker.

The comedy is produced Sheila Traynor and is expected to pack plenty of laughs with a talented local cast of Angela Bennett, Vicki Walsh, Carole Clark, Joy Rule, Keith Eatock and Phil Mitchell all starring.

“We were just looking for a comedy I came across the title and it sounded good, I read the book and just fitted with the group I had to work with,” Sheila said.

“It is a comedy play of charming and funny explorations into the secret desires of men and women over 60 who are determined to find what they have lost – their libido.”

The play can be seen at Catherine McAuley Hall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 19-21.

Tickets are $20.

Booking can be taken at the M&M’s Music Studio or purchased at the door.