Upgrades begin at Tipperary Golf Club thanks to funding

WORKING HARD: The boys from Powderly's Pumping and Irrigation working with the Tipperary Golf Club members. Photo: Rebecca Hewson.
WORKING HARD: The boys from Powderly's Pumping and Irrigation working with the Tipperary Golf Club members. Photo: Rebecca Hewson.

Members of the Tipperary Golf Club have been working hard as the club starts to spend some of its grant that it was awarded last year.

The club received $74,791 in November last year from Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke through round two of the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund.   

Tipperary Golf Club president Barry Hazlegrove and 15 other members worked tirelessly in the heat alongside Pete Walton and Kerry Foley from Powderly’s Pumping and Irrigation on Tuesday and Wednesday to dig the trenches and lay the pipes for the club’s new watering system around the greens on the course costing $11,046.

“This part is only a small part of the grant,” Mr Hazlegrove said.

“The deal is that Powderly’s would dig the trench and show us how to lay the pipes and how to put the sprinklers in and then they back fill it and that’s why we’ve been doing all the raking to smooth the backfill in.”

According to Mr Hazlegrove the new sprinklers will cover a total of 14 meters, watering the 7 meters to the green and the actual greens themselves as well.

The club also plans to install a storage shed with the grant money that will enable members to leave their golf carts at the club as well as store various tools used to maintain and keep the greens worth $34,000.

“We’ve made applications to the lands department and when we get permission from the lands department we’ve got to go to Council and we hope that we’ll start that in February,” Mr Hazlegrove said.

There is also $32,000 the club will be spending on upgrading the roads on the premises to help redirect water so it doesn’t lay across fairways and greens.

“Then we’ve got about $6000 to do the front entrance up.”

The club is hoping to install a rather impressive iron and stone gateway at the main entrance updating it from the current one.

Mr Hazlegrove said that as the president of the golf club he would like to thank profusely the members who helped out earlier this week and wanted them all to know their time and work is greatly appreciated.

Steph Cooke was pleased to see the work under way.

“Tipperary Golf Club is a wonderful group who put as much into improving their club as they do into improving their handicap out on the greens,” Ms Cooke said.

“It was a privilege to be able to secure a grant to help them make these important improvements, because golf is a great way to increase fitness and enjoy some valuable social time, and these upgrades will be a huge boost towards that.

“It’s fantastic to see how proactive club president Barry Hazlegrove and the club members are in getting out there and doing the hard yards – the club spirit is truly on display at Tipperary.”