Young residents encouraged to attend dementia awareness session

Southern Cross Care is encouraging members of the community to attend a dementia awareness event to get a better understanding of the impact of dementia on the person and also their families.

The event will be held at the Southern Cross Care Aged Care facility on Demondrille Street on Tuesday, March 5, discussing what a dementia friendly community looks like and how we can all take steps to become more dementia friendly.

Southern Cross Care Pastoral Care Team Leader Nicole Freeman said aged care workers in Young are trying to make the community more "dementia friendly".

"Some of the care and support staff of local Young aged care homes were discussing how important it is that awareness of dementia is raised in the community and how this would support people living with dementia," she said.

"The group were brainstorming ideas that would help both families of their residents, as well as those in the community living with dementia.

"They had noticed that people in the community can sometimes be impatient or intolerant when dealing with older people, especially if, unbeknownst to them, they are living with some form of dementia. 

"These aged care workers are now turning Young into a more ‘dementia friendly community’ by raising awareness of dementia in general and the impact it has on the person, and their families.

"They are showing that Young can be a more inclusive place where everyone can show support and make a difference, following on the work that Dementia Australia does, promoting awareness of dementia by running presentations in communities across Australia."

The cost is free and the event begins at 10.30am and ends at 12pm on Tuesday, March 5.

The event is called dementia-friendly communities and is an Australian Government funded program administered by Dementia Australia.

If you have enquiries or would like to register to attend this session please phone 65847444 or email