Court hears offender is serving his time in prison in protection

The Local Court has heard that a man is serving his time in prison in protection at Junee Correctional Centre.

Nigel Scott Pumpa, according to his representative, has faced "threatening and difficult situations" and is now serving time in protection.

Pumpa was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a non-parole period of seven months at Young Local Court on Wednesday, for offences stemming from a violent assault during October last year.

The sentence was backdated to the day of the offence on October 10, when he entered custody, meaning he'll be eligible for release on May 11 this year.

He was charged with two counts of intimidation, assault, contravene an apprehended violence order and recklessly choking.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien noted the serious nature of Pumpa's offending, particularly the latter charge.

"These are serious offences, one which carries up to 10 years in prison," he said.

According to facts tendered at court, Pumpa pushed another person against a wall, choked them to a point that they blacked out, shook them and kneed them in the back.

Facts also say he held a knife against the throat of the victim.

Police later received information and arrested Pumpa at his residence on Blackett Avenue on October 12 about 8.15pm.

"I went too far the other night," he told police.

His representative at court said he's had time to reflect, and he's remorseful.

"He's found it difficult, he's now serving his time in protection at Junee Correctional Centre," his representative said.

"He's had some time for reflection in prison. He's very remorseful, he had consumed a number of drinks. He has a history of drug use."

Pumpa received multiple 12 months prison sentences with six months non-parole, and one 18 months sentence with seven months non-parole for the choking charge.

Each was backdated to October. He'll be eligible for release in May.