Driver banned until 2025 caught riding motorbike near Young

A man disqualified from driving until 2025 has had his licence banned for a further six months.

Michael Theodore Cozis, 39, of Young, was convicted of driving disqualified at Young Local Court on Wednesday, April 10, after police stopped him riding a motorbike between Young and Yass on January 18.

The court heard that Cozis is currently serving time in jail for unrelated matters, and his life had spiraled out of control since 2012.

"He's been in and out of trouble since then," his representative said.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien said "nothing seems to be getting through" to the defendant.

"It's not a bad decision," he said. "It's simply a defiance of the law."

Police facts reveal that Cozis had reported to Yass Police Station as part of his bail requirements for an unrelated matter before taking off on his motorbike.

Police officers say they witnessed him riding the bike and altered Highway Patrol.

He was later stopped between Yass and Young.

He was asked by police if he was a disqualified driver to which he replied: "yes I am".

Cozis was disqualified until 2025 back in April 2017.

He'll now have to wait a further six months to hold a legitimate licence.

He was also handed a two-year community corrections order and fined $400.