Young managerial jobs at risk as Woolworths announces restructure plans

Jobs at risk as Woolworths announces restructure plans

Staff at Woolworths in Young could lose their managerial positions under a national restructure.

Woolworths team members were advised last week they could lose their managerial roles under a new working model which will be coming into effect in late September, which will see many jobs disappear and replaced with new titles.

It is understood employees who separately managed seafood, butchery and deli, as well as other managers, would be removed from their roles and asked to re-apply for a non-managerial position, under plans for a single manager to oversee the combined teams.

According to Woolworths, the new model will give staff members more opportunity to build new skills and career paths, without reducing their head count.

"Under our new operating model, we're creating more customer facing leadership roles to help us deliver better service to our customers and to meet their changing shopping needs," a Woolworths spokesperson said.

"Importantly, the changes will not lead to a net reduction in the overall number of team members we employ in our stores.

"Our immediate focus is identifying as many redeployment opportunities as possible for impacted team members across our business."

But, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union secretary Josh Cullinan said the positions of many of the 10,000 Woolworths managers nationwide would be made redundant.

"The roll out affects all stores nationally and effectively it's about 10 roles per store being made redundant and seven to eight new roles being made in store," he said.

"The cut will see about 20 to 30 per cent retrenched and this could be after decades of service to the company.

"It's a shock to the community, shock to those with a family or mortgage especially when there had been no notice or consultation."

Mr Cullinan said this restructure will not just effect those who losing their jobs or taking pay cuts, but also remaining staff members.

"There are 110 workers on average at a Woolies store and all will be affected as rosters will change," he said.

"People who were getting penalty rates by working weekends or late shifts might get different hours, which won't only affect their pay but also outside work commitments."

The union has lodged demands and claims for consultation as well as a dispute with the Fair Work Commission.