Popular culture fans to converge on Young for annual convention

Organiser of this year's Geek Out Convention Matt Apps expects the event to continue to grow.
Organiser of this year's Geek Out Convention Matt Apps expects the event to continue to grow.

Fans of geek culture from far and wide will converge on Young this weekend for the fifth annual Geek Out Convention.

Organiser Matt Apps has been busily preparing this year's event, which he expects to be "bigger and better" than previous editions.

He says there'll be something for everyone including an inflatable castle for young children, entertainment and an interview with geeky musician Meri Amber, a costume competition for young boys, girls and adults, and more.

"We'll also have someone who's worked in Star Trek fan films, he's worked with some of the big names in both the original series and next generation, we'll also play a fan film he's helped make," Matt Apps said.

"It's going to be a great day. It's absolutely free, I want to do something fun for the community, making it as easy as possible for everyone. It gives families something to do in the school holidays too.

"We hope to make it bigger and better."

Matt said Young is smallest town he knows to host an event similar to its kind.

"I think Young is the smallest town that does something like this. Canberra has Gammacon, Goulburn does something every second year. As far as I know Young is smallest place that does something like this.

"Everyone that comes through enjoys it, even if it's the live music. Everyone's said good thing, it's encouraging."

The costume competition is one of the highlights of the day, with most participants going above and beyond.

"It's different each year. One year we had someone dress as the fifth Doctor Who and they put in a huge amount of effort. Last year we had people from video games, someone was dressed as Vision from the Marvel movies, Punisher, Batman, lots of different costumes. First place last year for adults went to someone as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, and rightfully so, he put a lot of effort in," Matt said.

Last year about 150 people came through the door throughout the day, Matt estimates. He hopes the crowd continues to grow each year.

This year's event will take place from 12pm until 4pm on Saturday, July 13 at the The Salvation Army hall.