Young Cherrypickers under 19s 2019 | Photos, profiles

JACOB LUCAS - Skip, the captain of the ship, leads the boys around. Great kicking game

  1. NIC HALL - Hally, a special player, hard to tackle. Off to Canberra Raiders next year
  2. TOM REYNOLDS - Terrific big heart and great under the highball
  3. TOM JENKINS - Snowier. Very big and fast. Penrith Panthers bound
  4. HENRY BERRY - H.A. Very good defender and solid in attack
  5. STEVEN ANDERSON - Ando, big and strong. Plays like Eric Groth
  6. TOM CUMMINS - Big Dog, a tall lanky character, would never let you down
  7. JACOB LUCAS - (see above)
  8. EDWARD WOOD - Woodsy, good hard front rower, runs the ball hard
  9. WILL HILLS - Hillsy, out of the Ray Price Play Book, tackles all day and God's gift to women
  10. NED EVANS - The Enforcer, hard tackler. The harder the game, the better he plays
  11. OLIVER PETTIT - Nugget, a very cheeky bugger, never shuts up, tackles all day. His best season.
  12. JAMES FERGUSON - Ferg, tackles all day !
  13. TOM TURNER - Tosser, first year Rugby League, never stops trying
  14. JACK SIMPSON - Simmo, started on the wing but has become a very smart Hooker and getting better every game
  15. ZAC SELL - Selly, tackles all day !
  16. ZAC CUMMINS - Cummo, very improved footballer, great season.
  17. JACK CORBETT - Tyres, runs hard !
  18. JACK ROLFE - Raffa, as tough as an old footy boot, never lets you down
  19. DOM SCOTT - Scotty, another enforcer, if he's on, the team's on. Won't take a backward step!
  20. JONTY LANGFIELD - Feathers, very fast hard runner and solid tackles
  21. NICK MALONEY - Nicko, coming back from injury. Very quick on his feet

COACH - Garry Lucas - the commander of the Cherrypickers Ship and focused to get these boys their eighth Premiership!!

MANAGER - Brad Pettit - Pacer, ultimate partner with Garry, bit like good cop, bad cop, but you never know which is which. Picker ticker doesn't come much stronger than Pacer's

Young plays Gundagai Tigers at Wagga's Equex Centre on Sunday.