Pointsbuild delivers online

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has contracted Young company Pointsbuild to help deliver and create Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

Managing director or Pointsbuild Michael Tomlinson said the courses will deliver mandatory online training to 250,000 plus building professionals across the country.

Pointsbuild has grown from one of Australia's first approved CPD training providers for the Australian building and construction industry to a leader in the field of online CPD, education and training services across Australia for construction and building professionals.

With advances in technology, changes in the National Construction Code (NCC), and increasing specialisation, CPD is becoming the norm for many tradespeople and building professionals looking to maintain currency and get ahead in their careers - and many employers hoping to meet their business objectives.

Through Pointsbuild the ABCB has announced it has started developing nine, short, targeted online CPD courses on the NCC for building and plumbing practitioners.

Forming part of the ABCB's broader response to the Building Confidence Report, the CPD courses aim to improve understanding and competent use of the NCC.

The CPD courses target architects, builders, building surveyors, building inspectors, designer/draftspersons, engineers, fire safety practitioners, plumbers and site/project managers.

Each CPD course will provide up to five hours of CPD, and will be high quality, engaging, interactive and actively supported by the ABCB.

The CPD courses will be available online at a competitive price, ensuring easy access for practitioners everywhere.

The release of the CPD courses will start in mid-2020 and rolled out over the following 18 months.

The first NCC CPD course will be dedicated to Building Surveyors. As each CPD course becomes available, the ABCB will invite practitioners to enrol.

Michael Tomlinson.

Michael Tomlinson.