Don't Dis-My-Ability continues to grow

2YYY radio host Brett Stanford's show Don't Dis-my-ability continues to grow within the community.
2YYY radio host Brett Stanford's show Don't Dis-my-ability continues to grow within the community.

Five months ago 2YYY radio host Brett Stanford started his radio show Don't Dis-My-Ability and in that time the show has grown from strength to strength.

"It's going great," Brett said.

"I'm getting a really good response from the community and have people coming up to me to tell me how much they're enjoying the show."

Every Thursday between 1 and 2pm Brett sits down at the microphone and chats with locals living with disabilities as well as several service providers from across Young and the region, all in the name of educating the wider community on what issues people with disabilities face in the Hilltops region.

"People tell me that they think the show is great cause it's opening people's eyes to the things that are out there," he said.

The show originally only ran for half-an-hour, but now has a full hour for Brett and his guests to discuss all kinds of things in a real and down-to-earth way that everyone can relate to.

"So far we've had on a couple of people with Autism, we had a guy with Aspergers last week, we've spoken to the Hilltops Hub, Community Transport and LFE," Brett said.

"I'm really missing Nathan from LFE."

Coming up on the show Brett plans to have a Rehab specialist/Doctor from Wagga Wagga Referral Hospital come on the show, as well as an Occupational Therapist.

He is also hoping to get in contact with Early Intervention in Young so they can discuss what is available for younger children in the region.

Brett plans on speaking with carers and parents on their stories, experiences, what help is available for them and what support networks have been established in the community.

"Any carers, parents or anyone with a disability - no matter what it is - is invited to come on the show," Brett said.

"Everyone will be treated with dignity and can have a cup of coffee and a chat."

Anyone wishing to go on the air with Brett or who has an idea for the show can contact 2YYY on 6382 7733 or by email at