Decorate the walls with art built by you

If your household rediscovered Lego this year (or has always had a weakness) and you also have an eye for unique artworks, Lego Group's new release will be cause for great excitement.

Collaborating with a collection of much-loved partners, the new Lego Art series gives creative adults an inventive way to transform their passion into art.

Made up of pop culture icons Marilyn Monroe (as famously depicted by Andy Warhol), The Beatles and legendary characters from the Marvel universe and Star Wars galaxy, it's a fun way of paying homage to long held idols and displaying them wherever you enjoy music, film or art.

The Lego Art sets provides adults (and no doubt teenagers) with a creative activity to help them relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas - or in this case, small interlinking base plates - with Lego tiles.

POWER PLAY: Unwind with Lego and then display the finished product in your home.

POWER PLAY: Unwind with Lego and then display the finished product in your home.

Worthy of any true work of art, each set comes with a signature tile unique to the set and a hanging element to make the finished product easy to mount on the wall and switch around.

Each Lego Art set is also accompanied with a bespoke soundtrack, featuring fascinating anecdotes from the creators of Iron Man and Star Wars, or those closest to the stories of Andy Warhol and The Beatles. The soundtracks deep dive into the inspiration behind each design to help people fully immerse themselves in the building experience while they explore their love of music, art or film in a new way.

"We know adults are always trying to de-stress after a day at work, and we thought, what better way to help them switch off than by encouraging them to explore their favourite passion in a new creative way?," said Louise Elizabeth Bontoft, senior design director at the Lego Group.

"With these wider ranging designs, we believe that we can inspire film fans, music lovers and art and design aficionados to immerse themselves in a world of art and creativity linked to their idols. Through this new experience, we believe adults can unwind, engage in a mindful building activity and ultimately create a beautiful piece of wall art that perfectly reflects their personality."

Lego Art is available from August 1, visit for details.