Hilltops councillor urges locals to 'carefully consider' vote on December 4

Deputy mayor Tony Wallace. Photo: file
Deputy mayor Tony Wallace. Photo: file

Hilltops deputy mayor Tony Wallace has urged Hilltops residents to "carefully consider" their vote on December 4.

In a councillor column published on council's website, Cr Wallace explained local leaders are required to attend briefings and workshops and need to keep properly informed, in order to make right decisions.

"We need local leaders who make decisions because they are right and not just popular. The acumen to make better decisions is most usually brought about by being properly appraised of the facts and seeking as much information as possible. If a councillor fails to attend any briefings or workshops during their tenure, it is impossible for them to be properly informed. Decision making will be poorer and outcomes will be sub optimal. Therefore, carefully consider who you will vote for on 4 December, and show that democracy can work. Alternatively, maybe council ought to be a properly remunerated skills based board," Cr Wallace said.

Deputy mayor Tony Wallace also took a swipe at the NSW state government's decision to postpone local government elections a further three months until December 4.

It is the second time the local elections have been delayed, after initially being postponed 12 months to September 2021.

Current councillors were not consulted on either occasion, Cr Wallace said.

"It really just enforces that local government is a small department of the state government to be treated with contempt," he said.

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