Hilltops needs a plan, says council candidate

Hilltops Council candidate Matthew Stadtmiller.
Hilltops Council candidate Matthew Stadtmiller.

Hilltops Council candidate Matthew Stadtmiller, 37, of Harden-Murrumburrah says he is a proud Harden Hawk and even up until this year a proud Harden Red Devil, managing to get three games in for my club (off the bench).

"That's all over now," he said

"When I commenced my second term as a councillor in 2017 I didn't have any children, now I have three.

"Since September 2017, I ran twice in state elections, one a by-election and the other a general election in the seat of Cootamundra.

"I drew attention to the seat and we started getting our share. We still haven't got what we deserve, but it's a start.

"I also ran in the Eden-Monaro by-election and took on the Federal government over their mismanagement of the fires and COVID and the lack of action on the Barton Highway. A piece of road we all drive when shopping out of town or seeking specialist appointments," he said.

His first term at Harden commenced in 2012 when he was 27.

"It was reasonably cohesive and we had a plan. We kept the wolf from the door. Hilltops hasn't had a plan," he said.

"Talk of forced amalgamations began swirling in 2014 and 2015. No Rhyme or reason. The idea was just to lower the number of country councils. Less pesky Mayors for the Macquarie Street politicians to deal with. Pretend consultation with stooges out of Sydney and some money was thrown on the table. With some treachery in the background Hilltops was born.

"The last half decade has seen a rolling deficit of over $45 million, $16 million in the first year under administration. We may end up under administration again yet, however, the state government doesn't want two completely failed forced mergers in the Coota electorate. It's bad for publicity. CGRC appears to be the other.

"The residents of Hilltops or more to the point the residents of Harden, Boorowa and Young and their surrounding villages deserve a say on if they want to stay in this unwanted mess or return to their own councils and their own destinies. This can be done through a Council poll under a piece of the local government act. It will send a clear message to the Government.

"We have all the shiny things, but Boorowa doesn't have clean drinking water, Young's Main Street still floods shop fronts after heavy rains and Murrumburrah footballers train in the dark while the kids have lost their play equipment.

"We don't deserve a huge rate rise, our workers don't deserve to be kicked to the kerb. Our fees and charges shouldn't be going through the roof.

"A vote for me is a vote for common sense and sensible spending of our communities money for the better. I'm on your side."