Young’s biggest cement plans for 2019 including upgrades to the Traditional Chinese Gardens

Hilltops Tourism Manager Mel Ford touched briefly on some of Young’s biggest cement plans for 2019 including upgrades to the Traditional Chinese Tourist Gardens, Blackguards Gully and Burrangong Creek.

“These are huge projects that are taking place for 2019,” Mel said.

“We are currently working on increasing the population of Domestic over night stays in Young and in the Hilltops region so these investments and projects are substantial for reaching those goals,” Mel said.

The Hilltops tourism team welcomed a new Chinese Tourist Officer back in late 2018 to really help expand our international and domestic attraction to the Hilltops which will in turn help local businesses and in time also expand our residential population and hopefully draw more customers to our businesses as well. 

“We are currently at a population of 19,000 so we would love to see that reach 20,000 by 2020,” Mel said.

A visit from a Chinese Visitor Guide will also occur in early 2019 to help with the Traditional upgrades and expansion of the Traditional Chinese feel of the Chinese Tribute Gardens.

‘We will be working with the Chinese Embassy and with guests to better the Tribute gardens as our star attraction, as well as Blackguard Gully which will have some improvements done to it which we will start to see this year. ” Mel said.

“There’s also the Burrangong Creek Project which will start to unfold this year with the footpaths and the all inclusive Playground. That will also really generate that tourism and the experience when people arrive here and it will also encourage a healthier lifestyle for our residents by providing them with an attractive and scenic loop.”

Mel Ford also stated there to be a priority focus on our community to be seen throughout 2019 in order for them to really deliver to the best of their ability and the focus on expanding our four major events in which bring tourists to our town.

‘We also really want to push people to utilize some of our major star attractions this year such as Clifton House as well as the Young Services Club which provides a great venue for a range of events as well,’ Mel said.

“2019 will also be the time for residents considering opening there homes for Airbnb to action there plans. We would love to see people opening their homes for tourist accommodations and to consider offering tourist employment on the farms for farm work,” Mel said.

“This would be great for our Tourist Attraction but also a way for our farmers to find income especially during harder times.”

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