Hilltops councillors call for another workforce report

Hilltops Councillors have expressed concerns regarding the qualification of its workforce.

The concerns were expressed after a report was presented to the August council meeting updating the council about its Workforce Strategy with specific reference to the number of traineeships, cadetships and apprenticeships currently being offered in 2019-2020.

After noting the report, which showed Hilltops currently employees 289 staff, councillors called for another report, this time on its targeted workforce strategy.

Calling for the report Cr Tony Flanery said what was before the council meeting didn't address the issues or questions being sought by council.

Cr Flanery said he was looking for a report showing council's activity to increase the level of certification and professionalism in its staff.

"It gives a great background on demographic of our staff but doesn't tell us anything about improving certification levels of our staff," he said of the report.

Council general manager Dr Edwina Marks told the meeting "we've given more information than you asked for".

"The report does tell you 66 outdoor staff have qualifications," she said.

Dr Marks said a number of council staff are also undertaking university training and the council does have a number of university cadets, and graduate engineers.

"We can set targets there are lot of things we can do to improve that.

"Whether council thinks that is enough, we are certainly happy to take direction."

"We spend $370,000 on training, if council would like to be more strategic in that we would certainly actively encourage that.

"You have a workforce strategy, if you want to strengthen that with we are more than happy to have that direction from council," Dr Marks said.

Of the 289 staff currently employed, 74 are based in Boorowa, 65 in Harden and 150 in Young.

There are 130 indoor staff and 159 outdoor staff with a gender split of 70% male and 30% female.

(204/85) 41% of staff are baby boomers (1943 - 1966) 34% of staff are generation (1967 - 1980) 24% of our staff are generation y (Post 1980) Potential retirements sit at 30% by 2027.

Over the last year Hilltops Council has employed two mechanical apprentices, a plant operator apprentice, one parks and gardens apprentice, and three parks and gardens trainees.

Council has also placed one Tourism trainee (Young), 2 library trainees (all regions), two customer service trainees (all regions), one environmental health cadet (all regions), two graduate engineers (all regions).